Create the working environment with virtual data room providers

There is no doubt that security and flexible workspaces are one of the main features of a productive working environment. As it exists a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies and most business owners would like to work with them, we have selected the must-have tools and in-depth explanations of how it works and how to … Continue reading “Create the working environment with virtual data room providers”

BoardEffect Board Management Software Review

The board portal is an innovative technology platform that supports the board’s entire reporting cycle, from coordinating board priorities to planning meeting schedules and training management teams. This article is a review of the BoardEffect solution. What is the BoardEffect portal? While the expediency of automating processes is not always obvious, and sometimes even not … Continue reading “BoardEffect Board Management Software Review”

What Makes a Successful Board Meeting?

This year, companies are faced with a major challenge: how to hold meetings when everyone is working from home? Another challenge was choosing the right tool to allow online meetings for a large number of participants. So, what makes a board meeting successful? The board meeting objectives Among the various types of activities of the … Continue reading “What Makes a Successful Board Meeting?”

How to Protect Your Remote Workforce?

This year many businesses have experienced forced self-isolation and a sharp transition into the online format. So, what innovative solutions helped companies to roll out leak protection and monitoring of remote workers in the new environment. What related tasks were solved and with the help of what technologies? Security considerations when working remotely The massive … Continue reading “How to Protect Your Remote Workforce?”