BoardEffect Board Management Software Review


The board portal is an innovative technology platform that supports the board’s entire reporting cycle, from coordinating board priorities to planning meeting schedules and training management teams. This article is a review of the BoardEffect solution.

What is the BoardEffect portal?

While the expediency of automating processes is not always obvious, and sometimes even not required, for holding office meetings, the use of an electronic document management system for organizing corporate governance events becomes salvation from paper chaos and uncontrolled execution of decisions.

Board portal vendors including BoardEffect often offer large companies a stand-alone solution in this area. This is primarily due to the complexity of the process of holding meetings of corporate governance bodies and the need to take into account the geographically distributed structure of companies. This type of software helps avoid misunderstandings and ensures that everyone is the same way.

In addition, such a solution allows you to organize:

  • planning the event;
  • control over the terms of execution of decisions;
  • formation of minutes of meetings and other related documents following corporate standards;
  • storage and search of documents for corporate events;
  • obtaining analytical reporting on corporate governance.

The use of templates for minutes and other documents allows us to bring the documentary base of meetings to a uniformity, reduce the time for preparing documents, improve the quality of their filling, organize electronic storage of copies, and speed up their subsequent search.

When integrating such solutions with electronic document management systems, it becomes possible to improve the quality of organization of corporate events by timely notifying participants about the conditions, place, and timing of events, as well as notifications about decisions made.

BoardEffect functionalty

To the main functions of the system, such as scheduling meetings, publishing materials for discussion, familiarizing with the agenda of the meeting, voting, forming the minutes, commenting on documents, and others, the application has the following capabilities:

  • General chat between meeting participants with the ability to attach files.
  • Ability to use Split View and Slide Over modes to work with multiple applications at the same time.
  • Integration with the online suite of office applications Office Online for editing documents directly in the application.
  • Integration module with any electronic document management system.
  • The ability to use different document templates for each individual collegial body within one company (one installation).
  • Expanded interfaces for integration with the board software Now customer development teams can independently integrate the solution with their systems.
  • The adaptive layout of the web portal of a collegial body member. The functions are now available from all common browsers, including Android browsers (on smartphones and tablets).

Full control over tasks with BoardEffect

BoardEffect ensures a significant improvement in the quality of materials created on the basis of business events, with subsequent archiving, reliable storage on various media, and high-quality execution of the required documents.

In this boardroom the user can also set up monitoring and analysis of company processes:

  • The system aggregates data on all processes in the company – the analyst can easily analyze the information and identify bottlenecks.
  • The dashboard provides executives with up-to-date data on key performance indicators in a visual form.
  • You can track your own performance using a panel of widgets that display the main performance indicators of each employee: for example, how many tasks are overdue or how many must be completed by the end of the week. From the widgets, you can quickly jump to the tasks themselves.